Sport medicine: Integrated clinic conception


Medizin- und Labortechnik


Sebastian Funk

Schedule for definition aims of an Sport Medicine Department

This is a concept for defining the needs and aims of a new sport medicine department and develop the masterplan. It was created in collaboration with Mr. Helmut Hoffmann, Sport Scientist at EDEN REHA Fortbildungs GmbH Centre for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Donaustauf, Germany.

Project phases

Project phase1: Developing the Masterplan
• Basic investigation / actual analysis of existing structures of client existing structures/ infrastructure.
• Project-related location description – / – analysis of clients existing structures/infrastructure.
• Development of a master plan based on the collected evidence.
Minimum 3 days

Project phase 2: Workshop
• Preparation and implementation of structured moderated project workshops (participation & definition everyone involved in the project workshop done by the client).
• Presentation of the master plan of project phase 1.
• Working out basic project objectives of all participants (goal setting process).
• Reworking, analysis and documentation of the project workshops
• Adjustment of the master plan of project phase 1.

Project phase 3: Planning
Definition of customers intended business plan with the following contents:
• Executive Summary
• Description of services of respective branches of activity
• Business system and organization
• Implementation timetable
• Spatial, personnel and equipment down after SWOT analysis of
current market offerings, and equipment variants
• Equipment design
• Financial and cost planning (based on German prices)

Here are incorporated in the business plan:
• Best practice models from the fields of space planning function.
• Space requirements planning based on the project.
• Creation of a space book / space function planning concept (Description of rooms regarding the technical and spatial expansion and individual equipment concept).

Project phase 4: Service Plan
Definition of necessary services in order to achieve the project- related business operations (Pre-opening phase):
• Creation of a curriculum for the personnel training of the therapists .
• Occupational groups/ professions.
• Design and implementation of a quality system.
• Definition and implementation of physiotherapy standards
• Training concept for quality assurance.

Integrated Conception

Example: Furnishings and equipment plan for Private Clinic Kazan

Furnishing and equipment plan