Latifa Maternal Hospital, Dubai

For the Lafifa Clinic in Dubai an extension is needed. The Latifa hospital was built in 1987 by Habtour Leighton. It was designed by Schuster Pechtold and was their first project in the UAE and it is seen as a perfect design.

The hospital is a maternity and paediatric clinic and is maintained and managed very well with a total number of 324 beds.

The existing building should not be touched. Only the staff accommodation, and supermarket shall be renewed. Buildings which are not in the main hospital building can be demolished, renovated, reused in a different function. It was also advised to find a new location for the royal VIP which shall be away from the normal hospital.

The main task is to link the extension, the old hospital and the Al Jalila hospital in the new master plan. To new buildings have to be designed;

The program for the clinic building consists of:

  • Administration
  • Admission
  • Ambulant Operating and Special Care
  • Building Services
  • Conference Centre
  • Day Clinic
  • Diagnosis
  • Nephrology
  • Out patient clinic
  • Rehab + Physiotherapy
  • Service

The program for the laboratory building consists of:

  • Laboratories
  • Administration, Research and Support
  • Clinical chemnistry lab
  • Microbiology lab
  • Histopathology lab
  • Mortuary and forensic pathology
  • Histocompatibility and Immunogenetic lab
  • Immunology lab
  • Cytho pathology lab
  • Haematology lab
  • Blood bank Virology and molecular biology lab
  • GNT
  • Thalassemia center
  • IVF-Centre
  • Building Services



Medizin- und Laborplanung einschl. Raumprogramm (LPh 1-2)

Facts and figures

Clinic building: 32.000 m²
Laboratory building: 21.000 m²




Medizin- und der Labortechnik: AJZ Engineering GmbH